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Project Martinelli

The aim of the project is to pay hommage to the Italian Domenico Martinelli (1650-1718), the architect of famous Chateau Austerlitz. Martinelli belongs to the most important personalities of his time who were active in Central Europe.
He is important especially for Austria (Vienna) and Czech Republic (Austerlitz and other buildings in Moravia). Still, his activities touched also Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and other European countries.

Martinelli's designs are kept in Milan. In 2007 there was a big exhibition of designs from the "Martinelli Collection" in Castello Sforzesco. Our project consists of lectures and concerts about Martinelli given by the top Europen specialists in art history - Prof. Dr. Helmut Lorenz/Vienna, prof. Jiří Kroupa/Brno etc. The musical part of the project consists of a  concerts of music from the time of Martinelli given by Joel Frederiksen. Part of the project is also an edition of book about Martinelli, which was published in 2006.


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