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6. 10. The project “Ballads of Love and War” prepared for Rudolfinum/Prague (19.11.) is a new crossover project connecting Anglo-Saxon ballads of the Renaissance and songs on similar themes from the Slavonic tradition. The project is prepared on order of the leading Prague music festival Strings of Autumn www.strunypodzimu.cz. The project will feature Joel Frederiksen and Czech folklore specialist Jiri Pavlica with their ensembles. 

1. 9. The new release of Ensemble Phoenix Munich with harmonia mundi “O felice morire – Florence 1600” is on the market. The CD brings virtuoso pieces of early Baroque in Italy arranged by Joel Frederiksen for his ensemble.

7. 8. Standing ovations for Ensemble Phoenix Munich and their “The Elfin Knight” at The Flanders Festival in Brugge for their special late-night concert in the church of St. Magdalene.

4. 8. Beautiful Renaissance Villa monastero at Lago di Como in Varenna housed an Italian premiere of “The Elfin Knight” – the main touring program of Ensemble Phoenix Munich. The Italian audience was thrilled by the perfect vocal work of the main soloists of the evening - Joel Frederiksen and Timothy Leigh Evans and the instrumental mastery of their multi-talented colleagues.

2. 6. Huelgas Ensemble with Paul Van Nevel performed at The Prague Spring International Music Festival in the church of SS. Simon and Juda in Prague´s Old Town. The program aimed at Renaissance composers connected to Prague – Jacobus de Kerle and Carolus Luython. The concert confirmed that the Prague audience could appreciate mastery of this outstanding Flemish ensemble.

24. 1. Renaissance music from 1580-1620. A tribute to Albrecht of Waldstein: under this title Joel Frederiksen gave a performance in Prague as part of the biggest exhibition in Prague in 2008 dealing with life of one of the biggest men of European Renaissance - Albrecht of Waldstein. The music was centred around Claudio Monteverdi piece “Io che nell’otio nacqui e d’otio vissi”, in which the narrator calls himself amoroso guerrier – the warrior of love.



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