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Photo: Janusz Szyndler
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Portrait with the Lute
Photo: Thomas Zwillinger
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Pergolesi: La serva padrona
Photo: Christian Mattis
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Belgium, Rosario, November 11, 2007
Cultural centre Rosario in Bever organizes concerts in an acoustically excellent chapel
Photo: Johan Vriens
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Pribram, March 2, 2007
Basilica of Holy Mountain at Pribram, Czech Republic, program: Sacred Music of the Old and New World
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Festival Valtice, August 27, 2006
Concert in the Marble Chapel of the chateau - Joel Frederiksen/bass and lute, Lucie Špičková/mezzo and Jaroslav Tůma/organ
Photo: Jiří Dvořák
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Joel Frederiksen, Weimar, Oct 14, 2006
Fire-Passion in English Lute Song, a night concert in Wittumspalais, famous palace, which was often visited by German poet J. W. von Goethe
Photo: Magdaléna Dvořáková
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Meder Hall, Tallinn 2010
Baroque Music Festival, Tallinn. Program: Orheus, I am
Photo: Harri Rospu
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Portrait with the Lute
Photo: Thomas Zwillinger
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Golden Orpheus
Joel Frederiksen received the prestigious critics award L'ORPHÉE D'OR 2011 in the Opera Bastille, Paris on May 3, 2011 from the French ACADÉMIE DU DISQUE LYRIQUE. Joel Frederiksen received the award, the Prix Martti Talvela after the great Finnish bass, for his basso profondo singing on the CD "Mikolaj ZIELENSKI: Offertoria et Communiones Totius Anni (1611)“— (with Emma Kirkby, soprano, Collegium Zielenski and Stanislaw Galonski, conductor). The CD was released by label Polish label DUX in May of 2011.
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