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Presentation of the book about Martinelli, Brno, March 3, 2007
Thanks to "Project Martinelli" a Czech-German book about the architect Domenico Martinelli "Domenico Martinelli - Genius of Baroque Architecture" is available. Its authors are prof. H. Lorenz/University of Vienna, prof. J. Kroupa and Mgr. R. Miltová/Masaryk University Brno and Dr. Stanislav Bohadlo/University Hradec Králové
Photo: Petr Francán
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Vienna, Liechtenstein Museum, Oct 1, 2006
The most important palace in Vienna designed by Martinelli housing one of the biggest collections of Baroque art - Liechtenstein Museum, was a host of our concert "Hommage á Domenico Martinelli", which was connected to the lecture of prof. Helmut Lorenz from University of Vienna
Photo: Jiří Dvořák
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Prague, Main Hall of Wallenstein Palace, Sept 26, 2006
The concert was held to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Senate of the Czech Republic in the seat of the Senate - Wallenstein Palace - one of the nicest palaces of Prague
Photo: David Port
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Day of Lectures, Sept 13, 2006, Rousínov
The day of lectures introduced the top European experts on Domenico Martinelli and his life and work with prof. Helmut Lorenz as the main lecturer
Photo: Jiří Dvořák
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Press Conference, Sept 12, 2006 Brno
The press conference held in the Club of Representatives of City of Brno opened Project Martinelli
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Chateau Úsov, August 29, 2006
Chateau Úsov built by the Liechtenstein Family is a remarkable building. Martinelli designed its reconstruction in the Baroque time, which replaced its previous Renaissance structure. The domineering element of the main building is a wide staircase with typical Martinelli features.
Photo: Magdaléna Dvořáková
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